Why You SHOULD Be Trading with Renko

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I would like to get the keltner bells soft wear

are you still selling this and do the signals print clearly on the screen?

Boy this really is impressive stuff.

what is the average pips a month this system makes?

  • staff

    Much is going to depend on what combination of markets you choose. In addition, there will be variance month over month as market conditions do change substantially. About the midpoint we see over the prior 10 trades of each market is about 500 pips — half will be above, half will be below.

what is the average winning percentage of the system … and do you guarantee number of pipes every month like the on day swing trade…

  • staff

    Part of our return guarantee is a guarantee of 1000 pips on the markets we track in the 30 days — we can’t as you can imagine you’ll get those pips but if you don’t see them take place you can return for a refund

Does Keltner Bells work in NinjaTrader?

  • staff

    Yes fully compatible with NT.


How can i buy the system ?

  • staff

    Contact us at our email address and they can see if there’s anything they can do since the launch has ended. Thanks.

can you trade stocks or futures

  • staff

    Personally I’m not at this time but been told that others have used it for stock and a few mentions of gold futures

very interested

Is there a life span to this system, as markets are constantly changing. Does it need updates or is it price structured

  • staff

    Colin, good question. Yes, very much price structured and dynamic. Any adjustments are typically just based around major changes in trading ranges. For example, if a market trades in a 200 pip range a day then drops to 100 pips you would probably consider a smaller range/renko box size. The strategy itself remains the same across all markets/price intervals.

I am living in Germany – 6 or 7 hours ahead of US EST. Can I need your system without problems caused through/by time difference?

  • staff

    Yes we have traders globally and definitely many throughout Europe. Thanks.

I was just getting started to like the one day swing trader, and now we have the renko . I am sure it will be better and more profitable.

Renko bars don’t give you the ability to read price action, via typical bar formations.. e.g. bounces, etc, though. That’s the issue I have with them. Its harder to read whats going on with the market on the time frame being traded.

  • staff

    I don’t disagree with you in the case where this is an important part of a system when there’s a lot of subjective tech analysis going on as well. In the case of Keltner Bells they work ideally for us since those issues are already accounted for in our setups and targets.

What do you do if the entry comes at a time when you are not awake, do you wait for next entry or if only a couple of blocks off do you enter for a smaller gain?

  • staff

    Good question and all that is detailed in the system. We have something called “getting in synch” – and it is designed so you never worry about being away from the market – the whole design of this strategy is assuming you are away from the markets for 23+ hours per day/night. And only there for a few minutes at a time.

what is the cost?

I currently Own SST-Simple. Is there a way I can purchase this system?

  • staff

    Yes, please check back should be tomorrow. Thanks.

Wow – what an eye opener!!!! I’ve never heard of either renko bars or keltner bells and that’s a good thing as every other system is just the same old, same old. Look forward to absorbing more of this – thank you!

Mark is it a safe method and what is the best time frame you can use it?

  • staff

    Thanks for the question – yes, every setup always has all parameters in advance – you’ll always know your entry and exit – including profit and stop. We have exact timeframes in the training for multiple currency pairs — each one is fully detailed so there’s no guessing.

Hi , i am trading with renko’s since 5 months now with support resistance and trend lines , i purchased the One day Swing trade and had good results but i am more confident with renko !! Hope to get the $$ to purchase The keltner bells !! Very curious to see how it goes !!

What is the cost for the system?